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  • 1 Faculty of Chemistry, Brno University of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic 61200 Purkyňova 118
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Simultaneous DTA/TG technique has been used to study the influence of various model compounds (aromatics, organic acids, alkanes, ketone, heterocyclic and sterole) on the thermo-oxidative behavior of lignite humic acids. As a measure of stability the shift of the onset temperature of the exothermic degradation peak has been used. Further, the ratio of mass loss recorded in the high and low temperature ranges (thermogravimetric index) was used to evaluate the role of added compounds on the recombination reactions occurring during the thermooxidative degradation of humic acids. It has been demonstrated that most of added compounds play a role during those processes at relatively low concentrations (1% mass/mass) and affect the humic acid stability as well as the value of thermogravimetric index (i.e. the degree of the apparent aromaticity). It has been clearly shown, that the latter parameter reflects more the ‘qualitative’ than the ‘quantitative’ relationship between biodegradable humified parts in the extracted pool of organic matter.

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