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  • 1 Beijing Institute of Technology School of Chemical Engineering and Environment Beijing China 100081 Beijing China 100081
  • | 2 Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School of Engineering Hachiouji, Tokyo Japan 192-0397 Hachiouji, Tokyo Japan 192-0397
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The crystallization dynamics of Nylon 66/Nylon 6 blends, the crystalline/crystalline polymer blends, was analyzed by DSC under isothermal conditions. The crystal growth rate (G) and the nucleation rate (N) depended on both the degree of supercooling (ΔT) and the blend mass fraction (ϕ). The ΔT /Tm0 values obtained at the fixed G, which corresponded to the chemical potential difference of molecules between liquid and crystal states, and the surface free energy parameters evaluated from G and N depended on ϕ for blends. The results suggested that Nylon 66/Nylon 6 blends with ϕN66≥0.80 or ϕN66≤0.15 are miscible.