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  • 1 NAS of Ukraine Institute for Sorption and Problems of Endoecology Kiev-164 Ukraine 03680 13 General Naumov Kiev-164 Ukraine 03680 13 General Naumov
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Thermal stability of two-component organosilica sorbents – silico-polymethylsiloxanes with the ratio of hydrophilic and hydrophobic components of 50:50 and 70:30 mass%, and their forms, modified by copper(II), was investigated using thermal analysis (DTG, DTA, TG). The influence of the composition of modified organosilica sorbents and copper(II) content on the endothermic (removal of adsorbed water) and exothermic (decomposition by oxidation of methyl groups, possible hydration of surface) peak temperatures and on mass loss is shown. It was found that thermal stability of organosilica modified by copper(II) was lower than that of initial sorbents and depends on the content of modifying component and ratio of silanol and methylsilil groups in organosilica composition.

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