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  • 1 Universidade de São Paulo Instituto de Química São Paulo Brazil 05513-970 CP 26077 São Paulo Brazil 05513-970 CP 26077
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Rare earth picrate complexes with L-leucine (Leu) were synthesized and characterized. Elemental analysis (CHN), EDTA titrations and thermogravimetric data suggest a general formula RE(pic)32Leu⋅5H2O (RE=La–Lu, Y and pic=picrate). IR spectra indicate the presence of water and suggest that L-leucine is coordinated to the central ion through the nitrogen of the aminogroup. The absorption spectrum of the solid Nd compound indicates that the metal-ligand bonds show a weak covalent character. Emission spectra and biexponential behavior of the luminescence decay of the Eu compound suggest the existence of polymeric species. Thermal analysis results indicate that all the compounds present a similar behavior, with five major thermal decomposition steps. The final products are rare earth oxides. A slow heating rate is necessary to observe all decomposition steps.