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Lanthanum-bearing silicate-oxyapatites or britholites, Ca10–xLax(PO4)6–x(SiO4)xO with 1≤x≤6, have been synthesized by solid state reaction at high temperature. They were characterized by X-ray diffraction and IR spectroscopy. Using two microcalorimeters, the heat of solution of these compounds have been measured at 298 K in a solution of nitric and hydrofluoric acid. A strained least squares method was applied to the experimental results to obtain the solution enthalpies at infinite dilution, and the mixing enthalpy in two steps. In the first step the mixing enthalpy obtained is referenced to the britholite monosubstituted and to the oxysilicate. The mixing enthalpy referenced to the oxyapatite and to the oxysilicate is then extrapolated. In order to determine the enthalpies of formation of all the terms of the solution, thermochemical cycles were proposed and complementary experiments were performed. The results obtained show a decrease of the enthalpy of formation with the amount of Si and La introduced in the lattice. This was explained by the difference in the bond energies of (Ca–O, P–O) and (La–O, Si–O).

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Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry
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