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  • 1 University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy Sofia Bulgaria 1756 8, Kl. Ohridski Bulv. Sofia Bulgaria 1756 8, Kl. Ohridski Bulv.
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DTA/TG and X-ray investigations were carried out on different building composites in order to examine their relative hydration processes. The presence of lime, hemihydrate gypsum, ferosilicate, and some other wastes as leaner and hydrophobic additive in different proportions into composites provokes hydration reactions, leading to calcium silicate hydrate (CSH), ettringite and an intermediate phase formation with varying chemical composition of calcium, aluminum, silicon and sulfur. DTA curves indicate several transformations taking place between composites components, related to hydration of some phases. The content of ettringite component corresponds to the properties and it is used as an indicator for the possibility of industrial application. It is found out that gypsum based cementitious binders could be used as building material in the industry. The same time it is confirmed that the selected wastes could be considered as secondary raw materials.

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