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  • 1 Departamento de Geociências/IA/UFRuralRJ Estrada Rio São Pualo Km 47 Seropédica RJ CEP 23850-000 Brazil
  • 2 Universidade de São Paulo Departmento de Geotecnia/Escola de Engenharia de São Carlos São Paulo Brazil
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Angra dos Reis/Itaguai region of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a very problematic area due to the instability of slope and landslides, due to geological and geomorphological conditions and to the significant and continuous human occupation over favorable areas is prone to the triggering of landslides. The samples were analyzed by thermogravimetry (TG), derivative thermogravimetry (DTG) and differential thermal analysis (DTA). This paper analyzes and characterizes the clay minerals and presence of water, gravitational mass movements’ sites and compares it with sites where gravitational mass movements do not occur. Indeed, this analysis also attempts to verify the presence of minerals.