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  • 1 Kumoh National Institute of Technology Department of Polymer Science and Engineering Gumi, Gyungbuk 730-701 Korea
  • | 2 Iowa State University Department of Materials Science and Engineering Ames IA 50011 USA
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Conversion (α) and the glass transition temperature (Tg) were investigated during the isothermal cure of endo-dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) with a Grubbs catalyst for different temperatures using differential scanning calorimetry. Conversion vs. In (time) data at an arbitrary reference temperature were superposed by horizontal shift and the shift factors were used to calculate an Arrhenius activation energy. Glass transition temperature vs. conversion data fell on a single curve independent of cure temperature, implying that reaction of the norbornene and cyclopentene ring of DCPD proceeds in a sequential fashion. Implications of the isothermal reaction kinetics for self-healing composites are discussed.

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