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  • 1 Wuhan University of Technology School of Sciences Wuhan 430070 China
  • | 2 Wuhan University College of Chemistry and Molecular Science Wuhan 430072 China
  • | 3 Huazhong Agricultural University State key laboratory of agricultural microbiology Wuhan 430070 China
  • | 4 Wuhan University of Technology School of Material Science and Technology Wuhan 430070 China
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The biological activity of a kind of hetero-bimetallic Schiff-base complex was studied using Escherichia coli (E. coli) cell as the target. By microcalorimetry, the difference of anti-bacterial activity between the binuclear Schiff-base and the ligand was determined and analyzed. To analyze the inhibition of the bacterial growth internally, the E. coli cells grown in the presence of hetero-bimetallic Schiff-base complex were observed by scanning electron microscopy. The images in high resolution revealed the damage of outer cell membrane caused the inhibitory effect on E. coli. Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry results proved the absorption of the complex by cells, which confirmed the interaction between the Schiff-base and biological macromolecule.

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