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  • 1 Czech Technical University Department of Mechanics, Faculty of Civil Engineering Thákurova 7 166 29 Prague 6 Czech Republic
  • 2 Brno University of Technology Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Civil Engineering Žižkova 17 662 37 Brno Czech Republic
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Thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity, thermal diffusivity and linear thermal expansion coefficient of two types of carbon fiber reinforced cement composites are measured in the temperature range up to 800�C. Thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity are also determined for the specimens exposed to thermal load up to 800�C before the measurement. Differential thermal analysis (DTA), mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD) are utilized for the assessment of thermal decomposition processes taking place in the high temperature range under consideration. The high temperature thermal properties of the studied materials are found to be positively affected by the application of the high alumina cement and in the case of the Portland cement based composite also by using the autoclaving procedure in the production process. Also, the randomly distributed carbon fibers that can reduce the damage of the pore structure by the thermal decomposition processes are identified as a positive factor in this respect. A comparison of thermal conductivity vs. temperature curves obtained for the specimens pre-heated to different temperatures is found to be a useful tool in the identification of major dynamic effects in the specimens due to the thermal decomposition reactions. The results are in a good agreement with the DTA, MIP, SEM and XRD analyses. The character of the thermal conductivity measurements that in fact includes the effects of convection and radiation into the thermal conductivity coefficient can be beneficial for a simple assessment of the influence of the fire on a dividing structure.

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