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  • 1 Conservation Department Tate, London UK
  • | 2 Smithers Rapra Shawbury, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 4NR UK
  • | 3 Exeter University School of Engineering and Computer Science Exeter UK
  • | 4 Getty Conservation Institute Los Angeles USA
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After improvements were made to a modified Polymer Labs MkIII DMTA instrument to facilitate repeatable controlled humidity (RH) experiments using isothermal and thermal scanning conditions, the viscoelastic properties of titanium white pigmented artists’ acrylic emulsion films were measured in tensile mode. The effects of temperature, relative humidity and accelerated ageing regimes on two brands of titanium white paints were explored. These paints are highly responsive to changes in temperature and relative humidity, formulation differences affect properties slightly, and while light ageing had a negligible effect, thermal ageing resulted in decreased storage modulus and increased film density.