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  • 1 University of Delhi Department of Chemistry Delhi 110007 India
  • 2 University of the Free State Department of Chemistry 9866 Free State South Africa
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Palladium(II) complexes of type [Pd(L)Cl2] [where L=2-aminopyridine-N-thiohydrazide (L1), (2-aminopyridine-N-thio)-1,3-propanediamine (L2), benzaldehyde 2-aminopyridine-N-thiohydrazone (L3) and salicylaldehyde-2-aminopyridine-N-thiohydrazone (L4)] have been synthesized. The thiohydrazide, thiodiamine and thiohydrazones can exist as thione-thiol tautomer and coordinate as a bidentate N-S ligand. The ligands found to act in bidentate fashion. The complexes have been characterized by elemental analysis, IR, mass, electronic, 1H NMR spectroscopic studies, and TG/DTA study. Antifungal studies of some complexes were also carried out. Various kinetic and thermodynamic parameters like order of reaction (n), activation energy (Ea), apparent activation entropy (S#) and heat of reaction (ΔH) have also been carried out for one complex.

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