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  • 1 Goa University Department of Chemistry Taleigao Plateau Goa 403206 India
  • 2 University of Waterloo Department of Chemical Engineering 200 University Ave. West Waterloo ON N2L 3G1 Canada
  • 3 University of New Brunswick Saint John NB E2L 4L5 Canada
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Metal carboxylato-hydrazinates are very good precursors for the synthesis of metal as well as mixed metal oxides as these decompose to nanosized oxides with high surface area most of the times at comparatively lower temperatures. In the present study one such novel precursor nickel manganese fumarato-hydrazinate (NiMn2(C4H2O4)3·6N2H4) has been prepared and characterized by XRD, FTIR and chemical analysis. The thermal decomposition of the precursor has also been studied by isothermal, differential thermal and thermogravimetric analysis. The precursor shows two-step dehydrazination followed by decarboxylation to form NiMn2O4. The infrared spectra show N-N stretching frequency at 965 cm−1, which confirm the bidentate bridging hydrazine. XRD confirms the formation of single phase NiMn2O4.

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