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  • 1 University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences, Department of Chemistry 21000 Novi Sad Trg D. Obradovića 3 Serbia
  • | 2 Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology Podgorica Montenegro
  • | 3 Budapest University of Technology and Economics Institute for General and Analytical Chemistry 1521 Budapest Szt. Gellért tér 4 Hungary
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The deaquation of two isostructural compounds of general formula [M(HL)2(H2O)2](NO3)2 (M=Co, Ni, HL=3,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrazole-1-carboxamidine) is discussed in the view of their crystal and molecular structure. The compounds contain the same number and type of hydrogen bonds of the adjacent nitrate ions, only in the opposite orientation. On the basis of their deaquation pattern such a small difference may be detected, i.e., methods of thermal analysis are sensitive enough to show very small structural differences.