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  • 1 University of Salerno Department of Chimica v. Ponte don Melillo, Fisciano (SA) 84084 Salerno Italy
  • | 2 University of Udine Department of Scienze e Tecnologie Chimiche v. del Cotonificio 108 33100 Udine Italy
  • | 3 Centro Ricerche G. Natta Basell Poliolefine Italia p. Donegani 12 44100 Ferrara Italy
  • | 4 University of Udine Department of Scienze e Tecnologie Biomediche p.le Kolbe 4 33100 Udine Italy
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A calorimetric investigation on the reactions of TiCl4 with phthalates in 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane (TCE) is presented in order to better understand the complex interactions present in Ziegler-Natta catalytic systems. The Lewis bases diethyl isophthalate (L1), diethyl terephthalate (L2) and the ortho-isomer diethylphthalate (L3), have been chosen to study how the substituent positions could influence the energy and the stoichiometry of the complexation reactions. FTIR spectroscopy was used to obtain information on the coordination mode of the ligands and diffusion measurements by NMR was carried out to verify the presence of oligo-or polymeric species. Experimental results were compared with theoretical calculations based on Density Functional Theory (DFT).