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  • 1 Chinese Academy of Sciences Materials and Thermochemistry Laboratory, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics Dalian 116023 P. R. China
  • | 2 Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing 100049 P. R. China
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We prepared PANI/tetradecanol/MWNTs composites via in-situ polymerization. DSC results indicated that the composites are good form-stable phase change materials (PCMs) with large phase change enthalpy of 115 J g−1. The MWNTs were randomly dispersed in the composites and significantly enhanced the thermal conductivity of the PCMs from 0.33 to 0.43 W m−1 K−1. The form-stable PCMs won’t liquefy even it is heated at 80°C, so that the MWNTs were fixed in the composite and the phase separation of the MWNTs from PANI/tetradecanol/MWNTs composites won’t occur.