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  • 1 Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Department of General and Coordination Chemistry M.C. Skłodowskiej Sq. 2 20-031 Lublin Poland
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The complexes of lanthanides(III) with hemimellitic acid (1,2,3-benzenetricarboxylic acid, H3btc) of the formula Ln(btc)·nH2O, where Ln=lanthanide(III) ion and n=2−6 were prepared and characterized by elemental analysis, infrared spectra, X-ray diffraction patterns and thermal analysis. The IR spectra of the complexes indicate coordination of lanthanides(III) through all carboxylate groups. The complexes of La(III), Ce(III), Pr(III) and Er(III) are amorphous. On heating in air atmosphere all complexes lose water molecules and next anhydrous compounds decompose to corresponding metal oxides.