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  • 1 National Research Institute for Electrical Engineering — Advanced Research, INCDIE ICPE-CA Non-Conventional Engineering Department Splaiul Unirii 313 030138 Bucharest Romania
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In this paper are reported some experimental data related to the influence of preparation regimes and characteristics of exfoliated graphite based sorbents produced by thermal expansion of H2SO4-graphite intercalation compounds (H2SO4-GICs) on their sorption properties. Investigations involving X-ray diffraction analyses, surface area, bulk density and oil sorption capacity measurements, have been performed. Sorption capacity was discussed as a function of bulk density, total pore volume and surface area. Some empirical correlation between studied characteristics of exfoliated graphite have been found. The differences among the obtained samples, as a consequence of synthesis conditions, were also put in evidence by thermal analysis (TG, DTG and DTA) performed after their exposure to oil sorption. It was found that thermal analysis method could provide information about the exfoliated graphite pore system related to the sorbed oil oxidation rate. The capacity for oil uptake was also discussed in the case of graphite oxide soot.

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