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  • 1 Queensland University of Technology Inorganic Materials Research Program, School of Physical and Chemical Sciences GPO Box 2434 Brisbane Queensland 4001 Australia
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Thermogravimetric analysis of synthetic smithsonite and hydrozincite, two secondary minerals of zinc, was used to determine their relative thermal stability. Thermal decomposition of smithsonite occurs at 293°C and hydrozincite at 220°C showing that the carbonate mineral is more stable than the hydroxy-carbonate mineral hydrozincite. Hot stage Raman spectroscopy confirms the decomposition of smithsonite and hydrozincite by 300 and 250°C, respectively. Thermogravimetry shows that a small amount of hydrozincite is formed during the synthesis of smithsonite. No evidence is found for the separate loss of the carbonate and hydroxyl units from hydrozincite.

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