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  • 1 Government Arts College Department of Chemistry Udhagamandalam, The Nilgiris 643 002 India
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Hydrazinium metal ethylenediaminetetraacetate complexes of molecular formula (N2H5)2[Mg(edta)·H2O], (N2H5)3[Mn(edta)··H2O](NO3)·H2O, N2H5[Fe(edta)·H2O], N2H5[Cu(Hedta)·H2O] and N2H5[Cd(Hedta)·H2O]·H2O have been synthesized and characterized by elemental and chemical analysis, conductivity and magnetic measurements and spectroscopic techniques. The thermal behaviour of these complexes has been studied by thermogravimetry and differential thermal analysis. The data set provided by the simultaneous TG-DTA curves of the complexes shows the occurrence of three or four consecutive steps such as dehydration, ligand pyrolysis and formation of metal oxides. X-ray powder diffraction patterns of copper and cadmium complexes show that they are not isomorphous. These studies suggest seven coordination for Mg,Mn, Fe complexes and six coordination for Cu and Cd derivatives.

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