Author: J. Dweck 1
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  • 1 Rio de Janeiro Federal University School of Chemistry Bloco E do CT Sala E206 Rio de Janeiro 21 949-900 RJ Brazil
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Differential thermal analysis (DTA) was the first thermal analysis technique used to qualitatively characterize natural clays and respective curves has been used since more than 60 years as their ‘fingerprint’. With the development of microprocessed equipments in the last decades, derivative thermogravimetric (DTG) curves also may be used for this purpose in some cases, which also may allow a quantitative characterization of clay components. TG and DTG curves are more indicated than DTA or DSC curves to identify and to better analyze the several decomposition steps of natural or synthetic organoclays. These questions are discussed in applications developed to characterize Brazilian kaolinitic clays, bentonites and organophilic clays.

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