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  • 1 INFLPR, National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics Laser Department, PPAM Atomistilor Bvd., Nr. 409 Magurele Romania
  • | 2 Gdańsk University of Technology Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Faculty 11/12 Gabriel Narutowicz Str. 80-952 Gdańsk Poland
  • | 3 University of Craiova Faculty of Chemistry Calea Bucuresti Str., Nr. 107 I Craiova Romania
  • | 4 University of Craiova Faculty of Physics A.I. Cuza Str., Nr. 13 Craiova Romania
  • | 5 University of Bucharest Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry Bvd. Regina Elisabeta Nr. 4-12 Bucharest Romania
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Thermal analysis of three azomonoether dyes, exhibiting liquid-crystalline properties, was performed in dynamic air atmosphere. Thermal stability studies and the evaluation of the kinetic parameters of each physical or chemical transformations are essential for a full characterization, before attempting accurate thin films’ depositions of such materials used in non-linear optical applications. New synthesized dyes with general formula: article image where R is a nematogenic group: CN, CF3 or a highly polarizable group: NO2 were investigated using TG, DTG, DTA and DSC techniques, under non-isothermal regime. The evolved gases were analyzed by FTIR spectroscopy. The activation energies of the first decomposition step were evaluated for each compound, the obtained results revealing complex mechanisms.

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