Authors: V. Rao 1 and J. Johns 1
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  • 1 Mangalore University Department of Materials Science Mangalagangotri 574199 India
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The thermal behavior of chitosan (CS)/natural rubber latex (NRL) blends has been studied by thermogravimetry (TG) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). Decomposition behavior of CS changes with the addition of NRL. The effect of blend composition on the amount of residue remaining at various temperatures has been studied. Activation energies of degradation have been calculated using Horowitz-Metzger equation. From the activation energy values, it is found that among the series of the blend compositions, CS15NRL85 exhibits better thermal stability. DSC studies reveals that the CS/NRL blends are thermodynamically incompatible. This is evident from the presence of two glass transitions, corresponding to CS and NRL phases in the blend.

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