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  • 1 Silesian University of Technology Department of Chemistry and Inorganic Technology ul. B. Krzywoustego 6 44-100 Gliwice Poland
  • | 2 Silesian University of Technology Department of Chemical and Process Apparatus ul. Ks. M. Strzody 7 44-100 Gliwice Poland
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In this paper the examination results of chemical and phase composition as well as wastes graining from the semi-dry flue gas desulfurization (FGD) have been presented. The wastes contain mainly semi-hydrate calcium sulfite and calcium sulfate. The phase composition changes of wastes at the temperature of 350 and 600°C have been determined. On the basis of carried out examinations, possibilities of flue gas desulfurization wastes utilization in building materials production (sulfite and anhydrite cement) are proposed.