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  • 1 ’Politehnica’ University of Timişoara Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering P-ţa Victoriei No. 2 Timişoara 300006 Romania
  • | 2 The West University of Timişoara, Faculty of Physics V. Pârvan No. 4 Timişoara Romania
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The synthesis of strontium-doped lanthanum chromite, La1−xSrxCrO3 (x=0.1 and 0.3), used as an interconnect material for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), was investigated using two unconventional synthesis methods: (1) organic precursors’ method based on the thermal conversion of complex combination resulted in the oxidation reaction of 1,2-ethanediol by La3+, Sr2+ and Cr3+ nitrates; (2) combustion synthesis based on the exothermic redox reaction of La3+, Sr2+ and Cr3+ nitrates with urea and glycine as fuels. We also used a mixture of urea and glycine as fuel. The samples were characterized by means of thermal analysis and X-ray diffraction.