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  • 1 Zhengzhou University Key Laboratory of Material Physics of Ministry of Education of China Zhengzhou 450052 China
  • | 2 Henan Institute of Engineering Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences Zhengzhou 451191 China
  • | 3 Zhengzhou University Department of Chemistry Zhengzhou 450052 China
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YBaCo4O7 compound is capable to intake and release a large amount of oxygen in the temperature range of 200–400°C. In the present study, the effect of Zn, Ga and Fe substitution for Co on the oxygen adsorption/desorption properties of YBaCo4O7 were investigated by thermogravimetry (TG) method. Due to fixed oxidation state of Zn2+ ions, the substitution of Zn2+ for Co2+ suppresses the oxygen adsorption of YBaCo4−xZnxO7. The substitution of Ga3+ for Co3+ also decreases the oxygen absorption capacity of YBaCo4−xGaxO7. This can be explained by the strong affinity of Ga3+ ions towards the GaO4 tetrahedron. Compared with Zn- and Ga-substituted samples, the drop of oxygen adsorption capacity is smallest for Fe-substituted samples because of the similar changeability of oxidation states of Co and Fe ions.

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