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  • 1 Dalian Jiaotong University College of Environmental and Chemical Engineering Dalian 116028 China
  • 2 Chinese Academy of Science Thermochemisty Laboratory, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics Dalian 116023 China
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Nano-ZnO flakes were synthesized by calcination of the precursor of Zn(OH)2 obtained via the reactive ion exchange method between an ion exchange resin and ZnSO4 solution at room temperature. Scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscope, UV-Vis diffuse reflection spectrum and Na2EDTA titration were used to characterize the structure features and chemical compositions of the as-prepared ZnO. The results show that the as-prepared ZnO flakes have uniform structure and high purity. Heat capacities in the temperature range of 83 to 396 K were measured. The measured heat capacities values were compared with those of coarse crystal powders and the difference between this two heat capacity curves was analyzed.