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  • 1 Hassiba Ben Bouali University Faculty of Sciences and Engineering Sciences P.O. Box 151 Chlef 02000 Algeria
  • | 2 Sultan Qaboos University College of Engineering P.O. Box 33 Al-khod 123 Sultanate of Oman
  • | 3 Sultan Qaboos University College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences P.O. Box 34 Al-Khod 123, Muscat Sultanate of Oman
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A theoretical model is developed in Part I of this study to simulate the physical process of condensation of the humid air in the condenser of an existing seawater greenhouse that is located in Muscat, Oman. Application is conducted in this part to validate the theoretical developments. Comparisons are made between the predictions and the existing experimental results. The results indicate that the comparison is well consistent. The effect of the relative humidity, the dry bulb temperature and the solar radiation are also discussed to see their effects on the condensate values.