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  • 1 CNRS and University J. Fourier Institut Néel 25 Avenue des Martyrs BP 166 Grenoble 38042 France
  • 2 Universidade Federal de Goiás Instituto de Física Caixa Postal 131 CEP 74001-970 Goiania GO Brazil
  • 3 Universidade de São Paulo, CP 369 Instituto de Física de São Carlos 13560-970 Sao Carlos SP Brazil
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The phase formation kinetics of YAP (YAlO3) synthesized through the polymeric precursor method was investigated by thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction and FT-IR spectroscopy. We demonstrated that the YAP synthesis is highly dependent on the heat and mass transport during all stages of the synthesis route. In the first stages, during the preparation of amorphous precursor, “hot spots” need to be suppressed to avoid the occurrence of chemical inhomogeneities. Very high heating rates combined with small amorphous particles are advantageous in the last stage during the formation of crystalline phase. We were able to synthesize nanosized particles of YAP single phase at temperatures around 1100 °C for future preparation of phosphors or ceramics for optics.

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