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  • 1 Szczecin University of Technology Department Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Al. Piastow, 42 71-065 Szczecin Poland
  • | 2 Cracow University of Technology Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology 24, Warszawska Str. 31-155 Cracow Poland
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The interactions between MoO3 and Sb2O3 or α-Sb2O4 taking place in the solid state in air during high-temperature as well as mechanochemical treatments have been investigated. The high-energy ball milling of MoO3 with Sb2O3 converts α-Sb2O3 to β-Sb2O3 and leads to formation of Sb2MoO6 and Sb4Mo10O31 phases. They are the final products of thermal synthesis in an inert atmosphere but not in air. The solid solution of MoO3 in β-Sb2O4 was obtained in high-temperature reaction of MoO3 with Sb2O3 or α-Sb2O4 as well as by milling of mixture MoO3/α-Sb2O4 for 14 h. The milling resulted in higher than 3 mol% solubility of MoO3 in β-Sb2O4. The constructed phase diagram of MoO3–α-Sb2O4 system is presented.