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  • 1 UNESP Instituto de Química de Araraquara C.P. 355 Araraquara SP 14801-970 Brazil
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Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and thermal analysis of the [Pd(dmba)(Cl)(iso)] (1), [Pd(dmba)(NCO)(iso)] (2), [Pd(dmba)(N3)(iso)] (3) and [Pd(dmba)(Br)(iso)] (4) (dmba = N,N′-dimethylbenzylamine; iso = isonicotinamide) compounds are described in this work. The complexes were investigated by infrared spectroscopy (IR), differential thermal analysis (DTA) and thermogravimetry (TG) and the residues of the thermal decomposition were identified as Pdo by X-ray powder diffraction. The thermal stability order of the complexes varied as [Pd(dmba)(Cl)(iso)] (1) > [Pd(dmba)(Br)(iso)] (4) > [Pd(dmba)(NCO)(iso)] (2) > [Pd(dmba)(N3)(iso)] (3).