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  • 1 AgroParisTech Department of Science and Engineering for Food and Bioproducts (UMR 1145) 91300 Massy France
  • 2 CNRS UMR 8612, Equipe de Physicochimie des Systèmes Polyphasés 92296 Chatenay-Malabry France
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Fat fractions composed by different proportions of low (LMT) or high (HMT) melting temperature triacylglycerols were used, alone or in mixture with α-tocopherol for the preparation of oil-in-water protein stabilised nano-emulsions. Addition of α-tocopherol to the LMT or HMT fat fractions was accompanied by different changes in the emulsion characteristics such as fat droplet size distributions, under-cooling and polymorphic transitions, in parallel with different extent of α-tocopherol degradation reactions. Our results showed higher immobilisation pattern of α-tocopherol molecules and higher protection against degradation when incorporated in higher size fat droplets, which presented 2Lα → 2Lβ′ polymorphic transitions under cooling and re-heating cycles.

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