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  • 1 Shandong University College of Energy and Power Engineering 250061 Jinan Shandong Province People’s Republic of China
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Temperature programmed combustions (TPC) of Yang-Quan anthracite, Liao-Cheng lean coal and Li-Yan bituminous coal in oxy-fuel atmosphere were conducted in a thermogravimetric analyzer and characteristic parameters were deduced from the TG-DTG curves. The results showed that combustion got harder to progress as the coalification degree increasing. Within range of 40%, effect of heightening O2 concentration favored the combustion process, but beyond this zone, the effect leveled off. The model-fitting mathematical approach was used to evaluated the kinetic triplet (f (α), E, A) through Coats–Redfern method. The calculation showed that D3-Jander was the proper reaction model and the evaluations of E and A validated the experimental results.