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  • 1 Hebei Normal University Experimental Center Shijiazhuang 050016 People’s Republic of China
  • | 2 Hebei Normal University College of Chemistry and Material Science Shijiazhuang 050016 People’s Republic of China
  • | 3 Handan College Department of Chemistry Handan 056005 People’s Republic of China
  • | 4 Hebei University of Science and Technology College of Chemistry and Pharmacy Engineering Shijiazhuang 050018 People’s Republic of China
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The two complexes of [Ln(CA)3bipy]2 (Ln = Tb and Dy; CA = cinnamate; bipy = 2,2′-bipyridine) were prepared and characterized by elemental analysis, infrared spectra, ultraviolet spectra, thermogravimetry and differential thermogravimetry techniques. The thermal decomposition behaviors of the two complexes under a static air atmosphere can be discussed by thermogravimetry and differential thermogravimetry and infrared spectra techniques. The non-isothermal kinetics was investigated by using a double equal-double steps method, the nonlinear integral isoconversional method and the Starink method. The mechanism functions of the first decomposition step of the two complexes were determined. The thermodynamic parameters (ΔH, ΔG and ΔS) and kinetic parameters (activation energy E and the pre-exponential factor A) of the two complexes were also calculated.

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