Author: Z. Kovács 1
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  • 1 Bessenyei György Tanítóképző Matematika Tanszék Sóstói út 31/B H-4400 Nyiregyháza Hungary Sóstói út 31/B H-4400 Nyiregyháza Hungary
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Pseudoconnections (or quasi connections) were defined as a generalization of linear connections by Y.-C. Wong in [14], and were developed mainly by Italian and Rumanian mathematicians. The purpose of this paper is to study some properties of a special type of pseudoconnections: the so-called associated pseudoconnections oginirating from linear connections in a very simple manner. In 1 we give a necessary and sufficient condition for a pseudoconnection to be associated, the in 2 we study the geodesics of an associated pseudoconnection. This notion has an immediate application in Finsler geometry, this is the theme of 3. Some questions connecting the curvature of associated pseudoconnections were studied by the author in [7].