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  • 1 Department of Mathematics István Széchenyi College Hedervári u. 3 H-9026 Győr Hungary
  • | 2 Department of Numerical Analysis Loránd Eőtvős University Múzeum KRT 6-8 H-1088 Budapest Hungary
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A preconditioned conjugate gradient (PCG)-based domain decomposition method was given in [11] and [12] for the solution of linear equations arising in the finite element method applied to the elliptic Neumann problem. The novelty of the proposed algorithm was that the recommended preconditioner was constructed by using symmetric-cyclic matrix. But we could give only the definitions of the entries of this cyclic matrix. Here we give a short description of this algorithm, the method of calculation of matrix entries and the results of calculation. The numerical experiments presented show, that this construction of precondition in the practice works well.

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