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  • 1 The Pennsylvania State University Department of Comparative Literature 114 Arts Building University Park PA 16802 U.S.A. 114 Arts Building University Park PA 16802 U.S.A.
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The focus of the seminar is on the relationship of criticism to theory and their connection to literature. The work of the seminar consists in tracing the genesis of key critical formations and theoretical discourses with exemplary works of literature that illustrate, underwrite, or contest the theoretical forms that would be imputed, applied, or affiliated to them. Theories, therefore, are read in concert and/or in counterpoint to the literary texts in which those theoretical constructs purportedly have their genesis, sanction, or instantiation. The chronological scope of the seminar extends from 1800 forward; the seminar touches on the most significant theoretical paradigms during this period. The work of this seminar forms part of the project of the International Comparative Literature Association's Committee on Theory that endeavors to examine and re-connect critical and theoretical discourses to concrete texts of the literary tradition.

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