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  • 1 Biaduli 8, 220034, Minsk, Belarus Biaduli 8, 220034, Minsk, Belarus
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The article is devoted to the investigation of an aspect of the newest developments in Belarusian art and literature. The “inter-life”, the “life on the side” as a special way of orientation of Belarusian people is under scrutiny in a number of cultural chronotopes. In this context it is the comprehension of a Belarusian idea of characters in both literary and real “universes” that makes them “strangers”, a minority in Belarusian cultural zone. The author makes an attempt at a panoramic review of poetry and prose, and she tries to discuss the modern literary works which are most significant to the understanding of paradoxes of a national culture. In this work a number of images or topoi extremely important for modern Belarusian literature are outlined, and some intrinsic features of the collective images of various literary generations are described.