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  • 1 Universidade de Évora CIDEHUS Palácio do Vimioso, Aprtado 94 7002-554 Évora Portugal
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In this article we propose a number of reflections on reading promotion in general and literary reading in particular, attempting to offer a justification for a reevaluation of the teaching of literature in schools, colleges and universities. With a special focus on the Portuguese educational and literary systems, the article may also concern those who are necessarily interested in the educative value of reading and discussing literature. The literary value of the book is placed as the main promoter element of the reading activity and the reading mediators, such as teachers and librarians, are supposed to have a special engagement with literature as a polysystem. The main issue is to consider the literary book as an aesthetical, political and ethical object, characteristics that may confer quality to the book and attract more serious and consistent readers. This issue is mainly bracketed with the relation between literature and life, something that can be learned from the Authors themselves.