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Children’s Literature was not always considered a well recognized field of research and study by the academic world, since the interest of scholars was focused on its pedagogic parameters and educational usefulness. At the same time, it was dedicated to the designation of the term “child” and the concept of childhood. During the last three decades, Children’s Literature has been allowed its own poetics, its own theory, meaning a frame of principles that are followed when approaching literary texts and lend to this frame not only a descriptive or normative character but also a “reflective” intention. When theorists realized the need to stray from empirical readings and scientifically based all their reports on the nature and the operation of literature written for children, or that is read by them, they mobilized and developed principles from the Theory of Literature. However, they do not overcome the dynamics of the term “child” in its coupling with the term “literature”, which finally ensures the particularity and charm of the reading process, even though it makes it complex, if not interdisciplinary.