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  • 1 Universidad Complutense de Madrid Departamento de Filología Española II (Literatura Española), Facultad de Filología (Edificio D) Despacho 1/331, Ciudad Universitaria s/n 28040 Madrid Spain
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Internet is not just communication and information, it is also culture. Internet is a global space which allows for what is local. This brings about what we might call glocalization, a fact which justifies considering digital literature taking into account only those works which have been conceived of and written in Spanish. Some of the characteristics attributable to digital literature—collective experimentation and the rupture of narrative linearity—are exemplified in literary stories from the collective and experimental Hispanic novel. In addition, we can avail of certain instances of pioneer digital literary works written in Spanish, in which a number of specific qualities can be found to be based on the texts’ virtual nature itself. In the present study, an original approach to these works is presented in relation to three reading pathways: linear, helicoid and rhizomatic.

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