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  • 1 Adam Mickiewicz University Faculty of Chemistry Grunwaldzka 6 60-780 Poznań Poland
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Novel magnesium oxo-fluoride supports containing different amounts of MgO, prepared by the sol–gel method have been proposed for the synthesis of gold catalysts. The MgF2–MgO supports have mesoporous structure and their surface area is a few times larger than those of pure MgF2 or pure MgO. Gold catalysts have been prepared by impregnation of the MgF2–MgO supports with HAuCl4 in the amount corresponding to 1 wt.% Au. The gold catalysts has been characterized by XRD, TEM measurements and the catalytic activity in CO oxidation at temperatures 30–300 °C have been performed. The Au/MgF2–MgO catalysts show higher activities (depending on the content of MgO in the support) as compared to Au/MgF2 and Au/MgO prepared under the same conditions. Their activities fall into the upper range of gold catalysts supported on other carrier reported in literature.