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  • 1 Scientific Medical Information Department of the Public Health Ministry of Byelorussia 28 Fabritsyus Str. 220001 Minsk USSR 28 Fabritsyus Str. 220001 Minsk USSR
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Possible applications of cluster analysis of bibliographic references as a scientometric method are studied. It is shown that cluster analysis made by means of bibliographic coupling byKessler and co-citation byMarshakova-Small present comparable results. Science maps on immunological topics are made. Particularly for historico-scientific studies it is useful to make clusters in rectangular coordinates taking into account the value of citing the document and the year of its publication. It is observed that at the junction points of sciences there is an almost twofold deceleration of the processes of application and spreading of knowledge. It is stated that the problem of information explosion does not exist on the level of new ideas, the number of which is less than 0.1% of the total volume of the published information flow 40% of which is formed by information noise.