Author: D. Hall 1
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  • 1 The University of Manitoba Department of Geological Sciences R3T 2N2 Winnipeg Manitoba Canada R3T 2N2 Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
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Computerized bibliographic databases have become sufficiently well developed and widely available to researchers that they have become potentially an important source of time series estimates of the growth of scientific literature. This paper uses the GEOREF3 database in such an application to estimation of the growth of geoscience. It is found by comparison with studies previously done from the hardcopy equivalents of GEOREF3 that the computer-derived time series can achieve results similar to their equivalents and do this more efficiently, more inexpensively and more comprehensively. Examples are given for geoscience as a whole, and for the literature related to several mineral commodities: iron ore, lead ore, nickel ore, petroleum and natural gas, radioactive minerals and ores, and zinc ore.