Author: M. Bonitz 1
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  • 1 Central Institute for Nuclear Research Academy of Scineces of the GDR P.O. Box 19 8051 Dresden (GDR) P.O. Box 19 8051 Dresden (GDR)
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This paper1 provides further evidence for the validity of the holography and maximum speed principles. Supportive examples stem from an attempt to measure speed indicators in scientific communication processes directly; from a new scientific communication channel launched by the Institute for Scientific Information, Philadelphia, USA; from a search for correlations between scientometric indicators and socio-economic indicators; and from a study of rank distribution, phenomena occurring in the transition from individual to collective parameters for ranking of scientific journals. Examples of this kind increase the reliability of the behavioral principles when these are imposed on the design, performance and use of both the formal and informal channels of the system of scientific communication.