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  • 1 Kossuth Lajos University Department of Physical Chemistry P.O.Box 7 H-4010 Debrecen (Hungary) P.O.Box 7 H-4010 Debrecen (Hungary)
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The standard of research at different departments of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Kossuth Lajos University has been assessed by a scientometric evaluation of the publication activities of the departments. The essence of our approach is the consideration of the number and quality of the papers published. For a measure of this quality we regarded the impact factor of the journal, in which a paper was published. The rather different range of the impact factors of different fields were taken into account during the evaluation. As a whole, no considerable difference was found between the publication activity (impact per number of researchers) of the research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the corresponding departments of our Faculty, although, significant differences occur in certain fields. Based on this study, changes in the publication strategies of the different departments were recommended.