Author: D. Lindsey
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  • 1 University of California Berkeley (USA) Berkeley (USA)
  • 2 University of Oregon (USA) (USA)
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Lindsey recently examined the precision of the manuscript review process using a stochastic model. The study reported that the low reliability found by previous studies results in journals publishing a large number of papers that should otherwise be rejected and rejecting an equally large number of papers that should be accepted.Hargens andHerting have criticized this view. This paper addresses their criticisms. The paper includes an examination of sociology journals usingimpact scores. The differences between journals is noted. Part of the variation between sociology journals derives from their editorial operations. Central to their editorial operations is the reviewing of manuscripts for publication. Not all journals perform this task equally well. The consequences of poor editorial management are discussed. To improve the quality of published work journals need to reduce the low reliability of the current manuscript review process.