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  • 1 Aspen Systems Corp. 962 Wayne Ave. 20910 Silver Spring MD USA 962 Wayne Ave. 20910 Silver Spring MD USA
  • 2 National Institute of Dental Res., NIH 20892 Bethesda MD USA 20892 Bethesda MD USA
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Three characteristics of scientific research (subject matter, researchers' institutional sectors, and funding sources) were compared using bibliographic and survey data from a study of restorative dental materials research. Both types of data yielded similar findings on the distribution of research across subject areas and the distribution of researchers in government, university and industry sectors. Findings on the sources of research funding, however, were dissimilar and university research support appeared underreported in the bibliographic data. In general, data on publications (from bibliographic files or surveys) yielded lower estimates of industrial participation in research than data pertaining to projects.