Author: Y. Chung 1
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  • 1 Indiana University School of Library and Information Science 47406 Bloomington IN (USA) 47406 Bloomington IN (USA)
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By applying of Bradford's law to analysis of the source documents and their references by classification systems researchers in the world, this paper presents core authors of the field during the period 1981–1990. The findings show that 1) core authors of the international classification systems literature are the Library of Congress, M. Dewey, S. Ranganathan, J. Comaromi, A. Neelameghan, L. Chan and K. Markey; 2) the highly cited authors are linked either to the developers of the classification systems or to a research center, or else they authored the most frequently cited books; and 3) the data confirms to Bradford's law and the unusual rising tail of Bradford distribution is appeared and explained.