Author: C. Hurt 1
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  • 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison Library School 53713 Madison Wisconsin (USA) 53713 Madison Wisconsin (USA)
  • | 2 McGill University Graduate School of Library Science H3A 1Y1 Montreal PQ Canada (Canada) H3A 1Y1 Montreal PQ Canada (Canada)
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This paper examines four historical accounts of the quantum mechanics problem in physics. The purpose is to describe the litrature used by the histories quantitatively using frequency of date of publication. Additionally, one of the histories was tested against the other three to determine differences. A Moments Test and a t Test were employed. The results indicated the literature history of quantum mechanics, when plotted as a function of frequency of publication date is non-normal, negatively skewed, and is platykurtic. The test for difference between the one history and the cumulative histories was non-significant. Interpretations of the results are discussed.